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"I did a price test for brake pad replacement as a part of my regular car maintenance. Unlike most price tests, I only went to one location. The intent was to see whether the price of the job would change depending on what I said to the service representative. For the first visit, I told the attendant that my brakes were squeaking and asked for a price quote to replacing them. He told me it would be $350.00 to replace my set. No further explanation about this was offered. On the second visit, I told the same attendant about the squeak, but then added that if my brake pads did need replacing, I would like them to try to machine my rotors instead of installing new ones. His response was much more elaborate and the price quote came down to $130-$300 depending on the results of a brake inspection. I was shocked at how much the representative’s attitude changed towards me when I added 5 new terms to my question. It was like going to another country and attempting to speak the language. I think he appreciated the effort, or at least took me a little more seriously. I do not have an extensive knowledge of brake functions, but with a little research I saved a lot of money and hassle on my car maintenance." - Erin W.


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