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Our 10 Favorite Cheap Items for Organizing the Car!

Our 10 Favorite Cheap Items for Organizing the Car!

1. Laundry Baskets

When we saw this idea, we thought it was brilliant! Keep one or two laundry baskets in the trunk of your car. We are sure you can find multiple uses for them, but the use that we were really excited about was grocery storage. Put your groceries in the laundry baskets to keep everything contained while you are driving. This prevents a bunch of grocery bags falling all over your trunk. The coolest use: it’s much easier to carry laundry baskets than a bunch of plastic bags! You can also keep your reusable grocery bags in the laundry basket.

ikea remote organizer2. Ikea Remote Organizer
– Found on This is a great idea for toddlers who may not be able to reach the back of the front seats. This organizer makes it easy for little guys and girls to have access to a few things that they can easily reach themselves. Anything that kids can help themselves to, giving mom a small break, is always going to be one of our favorite items!

3. Large Plastic Ziploc Bags – Large Ziploc bags are not only great for storing a change of kids clothes in your car, they are also perfect for containing the dirty clothes, too. You can also store a diaper or pull-up in there and even a set of jammies.

nail polish key organizer4. Nail polish – This is such a simple idea we saw (ironically) on Paint different color nail polish on your keys to make them easy to identify.

dollarshowercaddy organizer5. $1 Dollar Shower Caddy – This is a great idea from to help kids eat in the car. While we are sure it’s not foolproof (nothing is with kids), it’s a great way to minimize spills and to be able to give your kids all of their food at once while they are eating in the car.

6. Beauty Bag – This is not only a great organizer for the car, but it’s also an easy way to take activities into a restaurant or any other place where you would like to keep kiddos occupied. A beauty bag could also serve double duty as homemade emergency kit or even storage for pet bag organizer

clipboard7. Clipboard – A clipboard with paper and a pencil tied to it can keep kids occupied in the car for about as long as kids can be occupied!

8. Plastic Hanging Shoe Organizer – We saw the idea for a back of the car seat organizer on This is a fantastic and really cheap way to keep some things easy to reach and off the car floor. Here are instructions of how to create one.

9. Coupon Organizer – Another brilliant idea that we found on is using a coupon organizer to store items in your glove box. This not only makes it easier to find anything you may need, it is also good practice not to have small pieces of paper floating around your glove box. These small pieces of paper can get sucked through your cabin air filter and into the fan that runs your heating system. If this happens, you will most likely notice a constant flapping noise, like if you put a piece of paper into a fan. Not only is it annoying, but if you don’t know what it is or how to get the piece of paper out, it could cost you money to get it removed.

six pack organizer

10. Empty 6 Pack – This is a clever and funny idea from on how to organize some items your dog may need while on a road trip. It’s hilarious since they used a 6 pack of Black Dog Ale. If you like this type of beer, this could be a great pet organizing idea for you!


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