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5 Great Items Under $20

5 Great Items Under $20

5 great items that can save you time and money on basic auto needs:

1. Battery Charger ($20): You can purchase a battery charger for around $20 at any general retail store such as Walmart. This can be a real life saver. A battery charger connects to your battery posts and plugs into a wall outlet. If you leave your lights on overnight (it happens to the best of us) having a battery charger in your garage will feel like the best $20 you ever spent.

2. Lock De-icer ($10): If you are from anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, you can relate to the moment you realize that the lock on your vehicle has frozen tight. A lock de-icer is one of the great items that can save you from turning into a popsicle while trying to break into your car. A battery operated key-chain model can be purchased for around $10. The de-icer has a small metal pick inside that is heated through battery power. The metal pick is inserted into the vehicle lock until the ice is cleared.

3. WD-40 ($2 – $10): Stands for “Water Displacement – 40th Attempt”. Developed with the intent to prevent corrosion in nuclear missiles, this little blue, yellow and red can has taken on a multitude of uses. WD-40 can be purchased at almost any store for less than $10. The uses for your vehicle are endless, but here is one quick tip: WD – 40 can take off bumper stickers! WD-40 is in itself many great items!

4. Breaker Bar ($20): A breaker bar is a long metal tool that is similar to a socket wrench, in that it uses bits. It is great to have on hand if you get a flat tire, because it is a long bar that can give you additional leverage when trying to get your lug nuts loose. Lug nuts are usually over tightened by mechanics and difficult to get off without the proper tools, such as a breaker bar. You can pick up this great item for around $20 at any tool or hardware store.

great items tire pressure gauge 5. Tire Pressure Gage ($5-$20): One of the best ways to save money is to keep up on your regular maintenance. Regularly checking you tire pressure can prolong the life of your tires and possibly prevent a potentially dangerous flat or blown tire. There are several versions of tire pressure gauges. The purpose of this instrument is to test the pressure in your tires and ensure that you are driving with the optimal pounds per square inch!

Bonus – A few items over the $20 budget (but still worth checking out):

Cigarette Lighter Impact Wrench ($20-$40): So, this item is a little more expensive than our twenty-dollar limit, but it could be a useful item in an emergency. If you end up on the side of the road with a flat tire, a cigarette lighter powered impact wrench might become your new best friend. Tire shops often over tighten lug nuts when installing new tires on your vehicle. Mechanics usually use a pneumatic impact wrench, which applies 100 lbs per square inch of torque. This amount of torque is over kill and it is almost impossible to loosen by hand. A cigarette lighter impact wrench will have your lug nuts off and on in a snap, getting you back on the road faster.

Pump Compressor with Pressure Gauge ($20-$50): The pump compressor with a pressure gauge is like a tire pressure gauge on steroids. There is no need to stop at the gas station to add air to your tire with this item. The compressor plugs into the car’s power outlet to add air to your tire while checking the tire’s PSI. This is not just a product for your car; it is also great for pumping up bike tires, sports gear and inflatable toys.


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If you have lost a cap on your tire inflation valve, mention it at your next oil change and the technician will probably replace it for your for free. More ways to tell if you have a tire pressure issue.