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We are not mechanics; we are women who take care of our vehicles just like 65% of women in the United States.  Pedals and Pumps is about building women’s car confidence. When we first began working on this website idea, we looked to the internet to see what was out there for basic automotive information. The loads of conflicting and inaccurate facts were discouraging. It became clear that in order to deliver the best information to our readers, we needed experts to help us clarify and simplify our content. Pedals and Pumps assembled a team that we feel provides accurate, thorough and cautious information.

What is car confidence?  It is addressing the gap between women consumers and the male oriented automotive culture. Women influence 90% of auto related purchases; yet they still represent a small voice in the industry. Why then, if women control the purse strings in automotive, is it so uncomfortable for women to communicate with service reps and technicians? The industry isn’t fully responsive or respectful of their primary consumer. Women would not accept this treatment in other markets. As naturally savvy consumers, women should be able to walk into any automotive dealership or shop and feel confident that they are receiving the best service for a fair price. We believe that education can build women’s confidence and empower them to command mutual respect in the automotive industry.


If you have lost a cap on your tire inflation valve, mention it at your next oil change and the technician will probably replace it for your for free. More ways to tell if you have a tire pressure issue.