[tab:Short & Sweet] Purpose: Transfers power from your engine to your wheels. Symptoms of Failure: 1. Your check engine warning [&hellip

Fuel Pump

[tab:Short & Sweet] Purpose: The fuel pump pushes fuel to the engine from your fuel tank. Symptoms: If your fuel [&hellip


[tab:Short & Sweet] Coolant Temperature Sensor – Monitors the temperature of your coolant. Mass Air Flow Sensor – Measures the [&hellip


[tab:Short & Sweet] Purpose: Coolant, which is also called antifreeze, is meant to keep your engine cool as well as [&hellip

Shocks and Struts

[tab:Short & Sweet] Purpose: Struts and shocks have 3 main purposes: They absorb bumps in the road, keep your tire [&hellip

Auto Keys

If you are curious about your auto keys, they probably aren’t working. Here are the three most common reasons: Your [&hellip

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