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Change a Tail Light

Change a Tail Light

Example of tail light - Change a tail light

Example of tail lights

Determine how to remove the tail light - change a tail light

2. Determine how to remove your tail light bulb. Some tail light bulbs will be removed from the outside of the vehicle and will require you to remove the tail light casing from the vehicle. Some bulbs will be removed from the inside of the trunk. Skip to step 5 if your tail light bulb is changed through the trunk.

TIP: Many makes and models of vehicles have different ways to remove the tail light housing from the vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual and read through your vehicle’s process before going any further.

loosen any fasteners - change a tail light

Loosen any fasteners that are holding the casing to the vehicle.

Carefully remove the tail light housing - sample of Town and County Mini Van

3. Carefully remove or pry the tail light housing from the vehicle body using a flat head screw driver. Make sure you use a soft, thick cloth to buffer the paint from the metal screw driver.

release the bulb - change a tail light

4. Once the casing is removed, you may need to release the bulb.

Rotate the bulb - change a tail light

5. Rotate the bulb and remove it from its housing.

Inset the new bulb and reconnect the wiring - change a tail light

7. Insert the new bulb and make sure to reconnect the wiring before you reattach the tail light casing to the vehicle. Guess what! You can change a tail light!

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