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Disney Inspired Car Games

Disney Inspired Car Games

Whether you are on a road trip to Disney or just riding around town, having a few car games up your sleeve can be a lifesaver!  Here is a list of 10 Disney themed car games to play with your kids!

Frozen Car Tag

This is something like freeze tag with a twist! Choose one or two items that you can easily spot from the car to be the freeze items. Make it fun with cool names, such as a frosted car (white cars).  When a player spots a freeze item, they yell out the item name and the word frozen. Every other player has to freeze for 10 seconds until the freeze wears off.

A Steep Climb

Ask kids to name things you would need to climb a snow-covered mountain.  Encourage everyone to be creative with their ideas, the more unusual the solutions, the better.

Olaf’s Melt Down – Hot and Cold

Olaf loves summer, but summer does not love Olaf. Ask kids to name things that should avoid heat and then list things that should avoid snow.

Disney Song Sing-off

Pick a Disney song and have each player try to sing as many of the words in the song as they can. The player with the highest number of words from the song gets to choose the next song to sing.

Toodles Challenge

Present a problem, like climbing to the top of a building, and then ask kids what items Toodles should bring to solve the problem. Be creative!

What’s your favorite Disney…?  

Ask kids what’s their favorite and why!  What’s your favorite princess, character, villain, movie, song, etc?

Famous Food

Name a Disney character and ask kids to name a food associated with that character, such as Snow White’s poison apple and Cinderella’s magical pumpkin.

Disney Character Improv

For this game, it’s time to bring out your hidden actor. Have each player take turns trying to repeat a line from a movie, or imitate a character while the other people guess.  Whoever gives the correct answer gets the next turn!

Talk like a Pirate

Arhhh Matey! Who doesn’t love a good round of pirate jargon? Have everyone in the car take turns trying out their best pirate phrases and let the silliness commence, ye scallywags.

Disney Trivia

Challenge everyone in the car to a little Disney related trivia. You can come up with your own questions, or use our list! Click here for P&P’s Disney trivia game.

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