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Friday Fun Trivia

Friday Fun Trivia

Q.  What was the best selling car in America from 1992-1996? A. Ford Taurus B. Honda Accord C. Ford Escort D. Dodge Caravan

A. Ford Taurus

Q.  Which automobile was the infamous John Dillinger’s favorite car to steal? A. Ford B. Buick C. Chevrolet D. Packard

A.  The correct awnser is Ford! Here is an interesting article about Dillinger writing a thank you letter to Henry Ford for his great get-a-way cars!…

Q.  In what city and state is it illegal for a chicken to cross the road?

A. Quitman, GA!

Q. When and Where was the first drive-in movie theater opened?

A. According to the answer is Camden, New Jersey 1933!

Q. In what city was the first electric traffic light installed?

A. The first electric traffic light was installed in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 5, 1914.…

Q. What notorious historical figure wrote to Mercedes Benz for a car loan from prison?

A. The answer is Adolf Hitler. In 1924 he made a request to Mercedes Benz for a car loan from Prison. He was serving a five year sentence for attempting and failing to seize power of Munich, Germany.…

Q. What was the first Japanese car to be produced in the United States?

A. We found this answer on The Honda Accord rolled off the assembly line at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio, making it the first Japanese car to be produced in the United States. The Accord would prove quite popular. In its first year of production, it became the best-selling Japanese car in the United States — a title which it would hold for the next 15 years. It would receive its share of industry accolades as well. As of 2005, the Honda Accord had made Car and Driver magazine’s annual Ten Best list 19 times, making it the winningest vehicle in the 22-year history of the award.

Q. What is the most expensive state to operate a car in?

A. Georgia! According to, Georgia is number one followed by California, Wyoming, Rhode Island & Nevada.


Q. What is the fastest speed reached in a (non-production) car?

A. According to , on October 15, 1997 the rocket powered car Thrust SSC hit a speed of 763 mph!

Q. What city has the most Rolls Royce’s per capita?

A. Hong Kong

Humpback Whale Tail

Q. In what state is it illegal to shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile?

A. Tennessee! Apparently they are very concerned about protecting the whale population in Tennessee.

Q. When and where was the first American Automobile Race?


A. Chicago to Evanston, Il and back Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1895 There were five entrants in addition to Duryea: 2 electric cars and 3 gasoline-powered Benz machines imported from Germany. The race started in the early morning in snowy conditions. A little over 10 hours later, Frank Duryea was the first to cross the finish line having survived a journey punctured by numerous breakdowns and repairs. He had averaged 7.3 miles per hour and took home a prize of $2,000 ($49,500 in today’s money).


Q. Friday Fun Trivia: What percentage of driver’s sing behind the wheel?

A. 90%

Q. In what year was the first speeding ticket given?

A. The first speeding ticket was given to a Jacob German, a New York City cab driver, in 1899! He was arrested for driving 12 miles per hour! This fine was given before the first paper ticket was issued in Dayton, Ohio in 1904.

Q. In what state is it illegal to operate a car with a gorilla in the backseat.

A. Massachusetts

Q. In Alabama it is illegal to drive while….fill in the blank.

A. Blindfolded

\Q.  “The Crossroads of America” is the license plate motto of which state?

A. Indiana

check engine lightQ. Which of the following is one of the most common reasons that your check engine light comes on?

A. 1. Your emergency brake is on.

2. Your trunk is open.

3. One of your windshield wipers is faulty.

4. Your gas cap is loose. – A loose gas cap is the second most common reason that your check engine light comes on!

Q: Who founded the General Motors Holding Company? 

A: “General Motors was founded by William “Billy” Durant on September 16, 1908. Durant had become a leading manufacturer of horse-drawn vehicles in Flint, MI before making his foray into the automobile industry. At its inception GM held only the Buick Motor Company, but in a matter of years would acquire more than 20 companies including Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Oakland, today known as Pontiac.” –

Q: Where was the first toll road in the United States built? 

A: Acorrding to, “In 1792, the first turnpike was chartered and became known as the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike in Pennsylvania. It was the first road in America covered with a layer of crushed stone. The boom in turnpike construction began, resulting in the incorporation of more than 50 turnpike companies in Connecticut, 67 in New York, and others in Massachusetts and around the country.”


Q: What American highway was originally named Highway 666?

A: Highway 491 that runs through parts of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Highway 666  is believed  to be the most haunted road in America. “Many individuals who have traveled Highway 666 claim to have been subjected to a pack of vicious, threatening dogs. These dogs are often called the “hounds of hell.”” There are also rumors of “Satan’s Sedan”, “Skin Walkers” and disappearances. Read more about Highway 666 on 


MP900314130Q: What state has the lowest number of registered license plates?

A: Vermont – With approximately 596,000, Vermont boasts the lowest number registered license plates.


Q: What is the fastest speed limit in the United States?

A: There is a stretch of road from Austin, TX to San Antonio, TX where the speed limit is 85 miles per hour. Read more at At one point Montana had a speed limit that was listed as “reasonable and proper”, but was that rule was overturned and replaced with a set speed limit of 75 mph. Read more about Montana’s speed limit at


Q: In what year was the first Corvette produced?

A: According to, “The first Corvette rolled out of the Chevrolet factory in Flint, Michigan on June 30, 1953. Just 300 Corvettes were made in 1953. Each of these first-year Corvettes was a white roadster with red interior. The Corvette was made with fiberglass bodywork for light weight, but the first cars were produced with a comparatively weak 150 horsepower 6-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission.”


Q: In what year was the first American mass- produced car radio introduced?

A: The Motorola Radio was introduced as the first mass produced car radio in 1930. Read more about the first car radio at 


Q. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sports is the most expensive street legal car on the market today. How much will one of these cars set you back?

A. According to, “the Lamborghini Veneno $3,900,000. The Veneno gets you from 0 to 60 mph in a swift 2.8 seconds allowing you to hit a top speed of 221 mph. Only three cars are being made available every year. If you want to own this hyper-supercar, you will have to be placed on a waiting list along with other aficionados.”


Q: What is the highest recorded amount of people that have ever fit in a smart car?

A: The answer is 19! Check it out at 


Q: What is in the beverage known as the Irish Car Bomb?

A: Guinness, Jameson and Baileys! Happy St. Patricks Day!


Q: What interstate passes through the most states?

A: It is I-95 which is also called Route 1, especially around Miami. There are quite a few longer interstates, but it passes through all of the small states so it gets the title for most state coverage.


Q: What car accessory did a woman invent?

a. Vanity Mirror
b. Windshield Wipers
c. Seat Belts
d. Power Outlet

A: The answer is B! During a trip to New York City, Mary Anderson noticed that streetcar drivers had to open the windows of their cars when it rained in order to see, as a solution she invented a swinging arm device with a rubber blade that was operated by the driver from within the vehicle via a lever. The windshield wipers became standard equipment on all American cars by 1916.


Q: What is the best selling car of all time?

A: Toyota Corolla. See the 10 best selling cars of all time on



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