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Open the Hood

Open the Hood
find the release lever - open the hood

1. To open the hood, find the hood release lever and pull it towards you. This is normally located under or slightly to the left of the steering wheel. It will be signified with a diagram of the hood or the word itself. Once pulled, you should hear a “pop”.

locate and release the latch - open the hood

2. Walk to the front of the car and you will notice the hood is slightly raised. You will need to feel along underneath in the center-front of the hood for the secondary latch. Pull or push up on the tab/lever and release the hood.

bottom of latching system - open the hood

NOTE: This is the bottom half of the latching system.

top of latching system - open the hood

NOTE: This is the top half of the latching system.

Prop the hood - open the hood

NOTE: The hood on the left has a prop, while the hood on the right has a spring hinge.

open the hood

4. Your hood should be safely open.

CAUTION: Once the hood is lifted, make sure it is in a secure position before leaning underneath.

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