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5 Quick Cleaning Tips

5 Quick Cleaning Tips

 How to have a Clean Car:

Tips for how to have a clean car

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Kelley Blue states that a car in “excellent condition – to good – to fair” can have a $2,000 swing in value, $1,000 just from good to excellent. What does this mean? It means that a clean car not only saves you time and feels good, but it also can save you money. Ladies, let’s face it; this is no easy task when you are constantly using your car as a dining room, office and shuttle service. We have outlined a couple of tips and techniques that will help you keep your vehicle in good shape, even in the midst of your hectic life.

1. Be ready at any moment: Keeping a couple of cleaning tools handy can save you a lot of time in the long run. If you have a rag or cleaning wipes within reach, you can quickly clean up a spill. If you are stuck in traffic, take advantage of that time and wipe down your center console and dash. Instead of road rage, you could have a clean car.

2. Products matter: Think about the surfaces in your vehicle when you are stashing cleaning products. What does your car need?  Most vehicles will have three to four main surfaces that need to be cleaned.

* Glass

* Upholstery or leather

* Carpet

* Other, including vinyl and plastics

Ideally, you should keep products in your vehicle to clean these main types of material. If you cannot store everything, at least consider the following:

* Paper towels help with everything!

* Multi-purpose wipes are great: They clean the plastic on the floor, the car seat, and the dash. Purchase wipes that are made for use in vehicles or wipes that use mild detergents. Harsh chemicals can damage delicate surfaces and car manufacturers frequently skimp on interior materials. This makes it easier for harsh chemicals to damage your vehicle.

* Get a protective product: Especially if you have leather, you should keep spray and a cloth in the car to do quick wipe-ups when you can. This will prolong the life of your seats and keep them looking nice.

* When vacuuming your carpet: Use a scrub brush to gently loosen the dirt and debris, then follow with the vacuum nozzle. You will get twice the dirt! Now, if we only had a great tip for keeping dirt out of the car to begin with…

3. Organization makes a difference: If you have a place to put your stuff, it is easier to keep it clean. Assess what you need in your vehicle, find the appropriate space and containers to hold it, and get rid of the rest. A great tip when you are cleaning your car is to take a bag or basket with you to hold all of the additional items that have collected and do not belong there. Fill up your bag and return your non-essential car items to their rightful homes.

Children can help you have a clean car, too.4. Enlist the troops: If you have children and they are old enough to help, give them a job that will entertain them while helping you get your car clean. Vacuuming the floor mats while you wipe down the seats is a great job for little helpers. Everyone in the family can benefit from a clean car!

5. Daily care that is FREE!: Take advantage of quick stops. Wash your windows when you get gas, clean out the trash, and run the vacuum quickly if you have an extra moment. Many gas stations now offer free air, which usually includes a free vacuum. If you are feeling really ambitious, check your tire pressure, you could save on your gas mileage and increase the overall safety of your vehicle.



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