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Change a Headlight

Change a Headlight
Open the hood - change a headlight

1. Open the hood and locate the headlight that needs to have its bulb replaced.

locate the light bulb and wiring - change a headlight

2. On the back side of the headlight you will find the back of the light bulb with wiring connected. Your vehicle may not look like this, check your owner’s manual for vehicle specific information.

Unclip the bulb

3. Locate the clips that connects the wiring to the bulb. There is a clip on each side of the bulb.

Disconnect the wiring and the bulb - change a headlight

4. Disconnect the wiring from the bulb, then grab on to the end of the bulb.

Rotate the bulb - change a headlight

6. Rotate the end of the bulb counter-clockwise. Once the bulb has been rotated, pull the bulb back to removeĀ it from the casing.

Remove the old light bulb

7. Now that you have removed the old bulb, it is time to install the new bulb. You should check your owner’s manual for information about the type of bulb that you will need to install.

Insert the new bulb

NOTE: This is the back of the new bulb.

Align the bulb with the casing and insert it

8. Insert the new bulb back into the casing.

Make sure the bulb lines up - change a headlight

9. When you are connecting the new bulb to the casing, make sure to line up the tabs on the bulb with the corresponding slots in the casing.

lock it into place

10. Turn the bulb clockwise until it locks back into place.

Reconnect the wiring - change a light bulb

11. Make sure to reconnect the wiring. You are done! Close you hood and if you are feeling frisky, take your car out and flash your high beams.



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