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Cleaning with WD-40

Cleaning with WD-40

1. Remove bumper stickers: Spray your bumper sticker liberally with WD-40 and wait a couple of minutes. Scrape off your bumper sticker with an item that won’t scrape your paint off, such as a kitchen brush. Don’t use a blade. Repeat if necessary. After you get the bumper sticker off, clean the area so that it does not collect additional dirt.

2. Identify bad spark plugs: If your car is sputtering and you think it could be your spark plugs, spray WD-40 on your spark plug wires. If the sputtering improves, you know you have a problem with your spark plug wires and they should probably be replaced.

3. Remove black top from your car: Just spray WD-40 on and wipe it off.

4. Remove oil spots from driveway: Spray on the WD-40 and blot the spot until it’s gone.

5. Remove crayon from your dashboard or upholstery: WD-40 can also remove crayon from other things such as wallpaper, carpets and your clothes dryer!

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