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Essential Items to Have in Your Car

Essential Items to Have in Your Car

The bare necessities items:

1. A set of jumper cables

2. First aid kit

3. Flashlight

4. A small tool kit

5. Disposable wipes: You can also use a rag or paper towels.

If you really want to be prepared – add these items:

1. A pair of gloves

2. Safety glasses

3. Fire extinguisher

4. Tire sealer and a hand pump: These could get you going if you just don’t have the time or a safe area to fix a low or flat tire. Make sure you do NOT use tire sealer if you have a direct sensor on your air/tire pressure valve. Using a tire sealer on a direct sensor will cause damage and make your tire pressure readings inaccurate. You can tell if you have a direct sensor by wiggling the valve. If it does NOT move you have a direct sensor.

5. Bottles of water:  Don’t worry if they freeze in the winter because your body heat will melt the ice fast enough.  You could get some hand warmers to keep in the car which will melt the water faster and your hands won’t get cold!

Handy items to have if you are in an accident:

1. Pen and paper: These will come in handy if you need to gather information from another person involved in the accident or if you need to write down a license plate number if they drive away!

2. Camera: Keep a camera handy. Most people probably have one on their phones. It is a good item to have in case you need to take a photograph of any damage that has been done to your car.

3. Proper paperwork: Always have the proper paperwork. Make sure you keep your registration, license and proof of insurance on hand when you driving.  You don’t want to add to any stress already caused by the accident by not having these items.

Winter weather items to add: winter weather items

1. A couple of emergency blankets:  Not only are they slim and easy to store, but they really work. Emergency blankets are made of a special foil like material that helps you regulate your body heat much more effectively than a regular blanket. They are very inexpensive and could save your life in a dire situation. They can be purchased just about anywhere.

2. A small camping shovel:  A small shovel can help you move dirt, snow or other debris away from your tires if you get stuck.

3. A bag of rock salt:  Placing rock salt under your tires will help you gain traction if your wheels are spinning on ice and you can’t get forward momentum.

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If you have lost a cap on your tire inflation valve, mention it at your next oil change and the technician will probably replace it for your for free. More ways to tell if you have a tire pressure issue.