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Replace Wiper Blades

Replace Wiper Blades
bad wiper blades - replace wiper blades

If you can pull the rubber from your windshield wipers, it’s time for some new wipers!

NOTE: If you purchase your windshield wipers from your dealership, those wipers are made specifically for your car, making them easier to install. Most dealers will put your windshield wipers on for free if you buy them at the dealership.

If your windshield wiper blades are streaking more than you did in college (or they look worn), it may be time for you to replace wiper blades.  As a precaution before you purchase new wiper blades, check if there are any contaminants – such as hot wax – that may be contributing to the problem.  Clean the windows and the wipers with a mild detergent; the blue washer fluid found at most gas stations will work as a quick and free cleaning solution. If you do need to replace the wiper blades – follow these instructions:


tipiconTIP: Stick to actual windshield wiper fluid. Windshield wiper fluid is specifically designed not to freeze in the winter, a very important safety feature!  A regular glass cleaner such as Windex may strip the wax off your car and harm any tint you have on your windows.

WARNING: Leave the wiper arm stationary in its extended position. If you try to move to the arm as you work, you could cause damage which could lead to a costly repair.

Make sure to check your user manual before you begin this process. Some cars have a special service setting specifically for changing your windshield wipers.


replace wiper blades

1. Take ahold of the wiper blade.

gently lift wiper arm

2. Gently lift the wiper arm until it is in the extended position.

move the blade into a horizontal position - replace wiper blades

3. Move the wiper blade into a horizontal position with the rubber side facing upward.

locate the clip - replace wiper blades

4. Locate the clip on the wiper blade.

press the clip to release - replace wiper blades

5. Press the clip to release the old wiper blade.

Slide the wiper blade down

6. Slide the wiper blade clip down. It should separate from the wiper arm.

Push the hook through the center - replace wiper blades

7. Push the hook on the wiper arm through the center of the wiper blade.

Pull the old blade free

8. Pull the old wiper blade free from the arm.

Check the instruction on the new wiper blades- replace wiper blades

9. Check for special instructions on the new wiper blades before you attach them to the vehicle.

locate the clip - replace the wiper blades

10. Take the new wiper blade out of the package and locate the clip in the center of the blade.

Rotate the clip

11. Rotate the clip so that the rounded side is upward or in the center of the wiper blade.


Line the clip up with the hook - replace wiper blades

12. Line the clip up with the hook on the wiper arm.

Slide the hook over the clip

13. Slide the hook over the clip.

Slide the clip into the hook until you feel the clip lock into place - replace wiper blades

14. Slide the clip into the hook until you feel the clip lock into place.

Return the wiper to its normal position - replace wiper blades

15. Return the wiper to its normal position and lower the arm back to the windshield.





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