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Bluetooth for Car – Three Simple Things You Need to Know

Bluetooth for Car – Three Simple Things You Need to Know

Many people assume there is something wrong with the bluetooth in their car when the issue it usually something more simple.

1. Check your car manufacturer’s website to see if your phone is compatible with your car.

2. Update the software on your phone.

3. Re-boot your phone.

With more laws being passed banning cell phone use while driving without a hands-free system, Bluetooth technology is common in almost every new car.

What exactly is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology is a hands-free system that helps drivers focus on the road and sometimes provides other features like music streaming.

Auto repair providers are seeing many customers assuming that there is something wrong with their car or Bluetooth system.

The real problem is usually a lack of compatibility or software updates.

Typically most automotive manufacturers have a website where you check to see if your phone is compatible with your car’s Bluetooth system and tell you what features will and will not work. Since there are so many car and phone manufacturers and models, there are times when some features may work and some may not. For example, the Bluetooth in your car may be able to stream live music, but your phone doesn’t have the capability.

You also need to make sure that you have the latest software on your phone.

The lack of a software update can sometimes cause a problem. There are times where the Bluetooth is causing the error, but 95% of the time it’s a phone issue. Before you waste time taking your car in to be repaired, make sure your phone software is up to date, try rebooting your phone, and check your car manufacturer’s website for compatibility.

Here are links to the top 5 manufacturers Bluetooth and phone compatibilities:






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