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What to know when calling a towing company

What to know when calling a towing company

Spending $75 to $150 for calling a towing company could prevent spending hundreds of dollars in additional repairs from driving a distressed vehicle. Better to be safe than sorry!

 towtruckimage11. What Towing Company to Call:

* If you have roadside assistance, give them a call.  If not, make sure you are calling a reputable tow truck service, you can always call your insurance company for recommendations.

* Make sure the tow truck company isn’t located too far from where you are stranded, no need to wait any longer than you have to.

TIP:  There are many ways get roadside assistance that includes towing.  Auto insurance plans can add towing for a small fee. Companies like AAA, or even cellular providers, like Verizon, offer this service. It may be included with your warranty package if you have purchased a new vehicle.  It’s worth checking out!

2. When You Decide on a Tow Truck Company: 

* Make sure they have accurate directions, give details. Some smart-phones and GPS units can provide you with your exact coordinates. If you have them, share them.

* When you call the company, ask them what type of payments they accept.  You may have to tell them your credit card number over the phone, if you are not carrying enough cash or checks. Make sure you have a plan to pay before the tow truck arrives and you find yourself in a pickle.

3. Where to Have Your Car Towed:

Make sure you are getting your car towed to the right place the first time.  Be certain the shop or dealership you are using for your repair is covered by your insurance company and can handle the repair.  If you get your vehicle towed to the wrong place and need to have it towed again, that’s probably going to come out of your pocket.

4. Tipping a Tow Truck Driver:

It isn’t necessary, but it’s also not unheard of.  On one hand, they are compensated for the job they are doing and they aren’t relying on tips for their income.  However, if you feel they did an exceptional job, it’s a nice thing to do.  Another thing to consider is if your car is being towed and you aren’t riding with the tow truck driver, it may help them treat your car better!

5. Car Damage by a Tow Truck Driver:

They should be liable for any damages they cause, but you will need proof that the damage occurred from the towing, such as an eye-witness. If you have no proof, it’s your word against the driver’s and you probably have no case.  Most tow companies will require you to sign a waiver of liability for any damage to your car after they have towed it, so check your car over before you sign the waiver to make sure there is no damage.

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